If you wish to cancel your JSTV subscription, please fill in JSTV cancellation form and submit to us 10 working days before the payment date (credit card withdrawal date).

*As indicated in the JSTV Terms & Conditions, Minimum term for Direct-to-Home Satellite subscription is 3 months. However, if you had benefit from Subsidy of Installation scheme, the minimum term is 12 months. If you have submitted this cancellation form before those minimum term had elapsed, please be advised that we cannot accept cancellation.

1) JSTV viewing card must be returned to JSTV immediately after your subscription expires. With the return of JSTV viewing card, your contract can be officially cancelled.

[Returning address]
JSTV Customer Service
NHK Cosmomedia(Europe)Ltd.
65 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4JE, UK

*Please note that £30/€50 will be charged if we would not receive your viewing card.

2) In the case of payment by cheque (only available in the UK), it is prepayment every 6 months. If you have overpaid subscription fee in JSTV account, refund will be made after we receive the viewing card.

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