About JSTV via Satellite
JSTV is a satellite broadcasting service dedicated to bringing you quality Japanese television across two channels. With a satellite subscription, you can record* your favorite shows and enjoy Japanese culture from the comfort of your own home as JSTV brings Japan to you.

*Depending on the type of device, you may not be able to record JSTV channels.

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Equipment and Installation
To view JSTV, you are required to install a satellite dish. Depending on the location of your home, you may not be able to install a satellite dish. Before you sign up, please make sure to check the following:

Please make sure that there are no obstructions in line with the satellite dish. The antenna must be aligned at 13-degree east longitude.
If you reside in rental housing or a complex building such as an apartment, you are required to obtain permission from your landlord or building manager to install a satellite dish and other necessary equipment. If you are unsure about who to get in touch with, please speak to the porter or building manager.

In addition, a viewing card and other equipment is required. If you wish to purchase and/or install equipment, please visit your local electronics hardware store or satellite dish specialist and refer to our technical information when making your purchase. Purchasing and installing equipment are to be arranged by the customer. If you reside in the EU/EFTA countries, JSTV offers an option to lease the HD compatible decoder (TechniSat TECHNISTAR S6). For more information on decoder leasing, please contact JSTV Customer Service.
JSTV also offers a subsidy to cover installation costs for the new customers requiring additional equipment.

Please click here for the Terms & Conditions

Technical Information

1) Universal LNB attached.
2) Dish size: 80 cm or more. There may be smaller size available. Consult with your installer.
3) You are advised to contact your local council if you wish to install 2 or more dishes at home in U.K.
4) Angle: 13 East
Satellite: EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13.0E
Frequency: 11179
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol rate: 27500
Standard: DVB-S2
Channel: JSTV 1 HD and JSTV 2 HD

1. The digital decoder must be HD (DVB-S2) compatible with an embedded Conax system or a Common Interface (CI) to accept a Conax CI module. The Conax CI module is available from most reputable satellite dealers and it is also available for purchase directly from JSTV. For more information, please contact JSTV Customer Service.

JSTV offers an option to lease a HD compatible decoder for customers residing in the EU or EFTA region. For more information, please click here.

JSTV does not sell other equipment or provide any installation services. However, we may be able to advise you or alternatively, you can also contact your local JSTV agency.
For the list of JSTV agencies, please refer to the contact list.

2. The installer should align the satellite dish to the following to ensure that it can receive programmes: EUTELSAT HOT BIRD13C at orbital position 13.E. This is a very technical process which requires specialised equipment, so please ask your local professional service for assistance. The installer should also set up and tune your digital decoder in order to watch JSTV and other channels smoothly. There are also many other language channels you can watch on EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13C.

*For technical data on JSTV’s HD broadcast reception, please click here.

Subscription Price
Monthly Subscription Price
£ 30* / € 50
*UK Residents Only

If you are subscribing to the satellite subscription for the first time, additional one-off fees may arise to cover equipment and installation costs.

How to View JSTV
1. Before You Register

JSTV is a satellite channel that requires digital satellite signal reception. Please refer to our technical information before registering to ensure that you meet the requirements to view JSTV via satellite.

If you already own the necessary equipment, please make sure that it is compatible with JSTV. For enquiries, please contact JSTV Customer Service.
2. Registration
Please register your personal details by clicking the ‘Sign Up Now (For New Customers)’ button in the page below or on the left of the screen.

If nothing happens when you press the ‘Register’ button, please check the following points:
・Make sure your password contains alphabet letters and numbers
・Make sure your username and password are not the same
・You cannot use the same email address to register multiple accounts

*If you reside in the U.K and you wish to pay by cheque, please register your details and contact JSTV Customer Service by telephone or email before you proceed to select your subscription plan.

3. Select your Subscription Plan

In ‘Select Subscription Plan or Pass’, click the icon ‘Satellite DTH’ to view the satellite subscription plan. Select ‘Satellite On-Boarding’ and proceed by clicking ‘Go to Cart’. Please check your cart and click ‘Check Out’.

4. Register Your Payment Details

Register your credit card details by clicking the button ‘Add New Payment Method and Pay’. When the completion message appears, you have successfully finished registering. The subscription fee will not be charged to your credit card at this point.

5. You will be contacted by JSTV Customer Service

After completing registration, JSTV Customer Service will get in touch with you to confirm details regarding your viewing environment (Satellite dish, decoder etc.) and shipment details for the viewing card.
The minimum contract term is 3 months. However, if you choose to receive a subsidy for installation costs, the minimum contract term is 12 months.

6. You will be sent a viewing card by JSTV.

We will send you a JSTV viewing card.

*Please note that this viewing card is on loan from JSTV and should be return to JSTV when you terminate the subscription. If it will not be returned to us, we will charge £30(€50) for the loss of the viewing card.
JSTV viewing card ?
7. Please contact JSTV Customer Service to confirm your viewing.

When you have completed installation and the viewing card has been inserted, please check your reception for JSTV1 and JSTV2.

Once you have checked, please contact JSTV Customer Service by telephone or email to confirm the success of your reception.

*If we do not hear from you, the viewing card will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to view JSTV.

This confirms your satellite subscription and your first subscription fee will be charged to your registered credit card.

8. You can now enjoy viewing.

JSTV Terms and Conditions
Please read carefully JSTV Terms and Conditions before you sign up.

FAQ (Japanese)
Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions page (Japanese only).

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