1. Before subscribing
Due to the alignment or location of your residence, a Digital Dish may not be able to receive the signals from JSTV. If you do not find any satellite dishes at your neighbor's residents, we would recommend you to seek the advice of a satellite installer before purchasing any equipment.

2. Subscription
Monthly subscription + Equipments and Installation
€ 50
JSTV does not supply equipments and installation services.
What it may also cost you are:

Digital Decoder Digital Dish + Installation
* The subscription fee paid by credit card will be prepaid every month.

* In the case of payment by cheque (only available in the UK), it is prepayment every 6 months, twice a year in April - September, October - March.

 Price of Digital Dish and Installation vary depending on where you buy and arrange. Please contact your local electric shop, satellite shop for further information.

 Please read carefully JSTV Terms and Conditions before you sign up.

3. Application
For subscribing JSTV, please fill in the new subscription form and send it to JSTV or one of JSTV agencies nearby. You will receive a viewing card from JSTV usually within a week. The delivery may take longer depending on the countries. The viewing card is to decode the scramble signals.

Please note that this viewing card is on loan from JSTV and should be return to JSTV when you terminate the subscription. If it will not be returned to us, we will charge £30(€50) for the loss of the viewing card.
JSTVviewing card

4. Equipments and Installation
1. As JSTV is a satellite channel, as well as the viewing card, you need to have those equipments as listed below in order to watch JSTV. If you wish to purchase equipments, you can contact your local electric shop or satellite shop. You may also be able to arrange installation of equipments at the same shop. Technical information below can be useful for you when you buy those equipments and arrange installation at shop.

If you already have those equipments and wish to watch JSTV, please check whether your can watch JSTV by your system. For further question, please contact us.
Technical Information for watching JSTV

1) Universal LNB attached.
2) Dish size: 80 cm or more. There may be smaller size available. Consult with your installer.
3) You are advised to contact your local council if you wish to install 2 or more dishes at home in U.K.
4)Angle: 13 East
1) Encryption System: Conax
2) Frequency: 12.597GHz
3) Polarization : Vertical
4) Channel : JSTV

Digital Decoder must be compatible with Conax system. An embedded Conax system or a Common Interface (CI) system with Conax CI Module is required.

Many types are available in the market.
The Conax CI module is available from most reputable satellite dealers or JSTV.

JSTV does not sell other equipments or provide installation services but we may be able to give you advice about equipments or installation. You can also contact your local JSTV agencies. Please refer to the contact list on this web site.
CI Module Request Form

Have the installer align your Digital Dish so that it is able to receive programmes on the satellite: EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13B at orbital position 13.E. This is a very exact process and is difficult to do correctly without special equipments, so please have this done by a professional. At the same time, have also the installer set up and tune your Digital Decoder in order to watch JSTV and other channels correctly.
There are also many free channels in different languages you can watch on EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13B.

{For the list of free channels on EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13B, you can check out here.}

In some areas, you can watch JSTV through a Cable TV. Please contact the following cable TV companies to ask if your address is actually in their coverage area.

France SFR:  http://adsl.sfr.fr
free:  http://www.free.fr/adsl/
Bouygues Telecom: http://www.bbox.bouyguestelecom.fr/pid15/les-offres.html
Germany unitymedia:  www.unitymedia.de
NetCologne: http://www.netcologne.de/
du: www.du.ae/
Etisalat eLife TV: www.etisalat.ae/
Russia MTS: http://www.mts.ru/
MGTS: http://www.mgts.ru/
SEVEN SKY: http://www.seven-sky.net/

5. Confirmation
When your equipments are successfully installed and your viewing card inserted, please contact JSTV for confirmation by telephone, E-mail or fax. As the viewing card is initially programmed only lasting up to 1 month period, if we do not hear from you for confirmation within the period, the card will be deactivated. After your confirmation, we will extend the term of validity of the viewing card and charge your membership and monthly subscription .
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