JSTV is the sole broadcaster which mainly airs Japanese programmes in Europe and other neighbouring countries.

JSTV broadcasts variety of programmes for 24 hours per day which include NHK News, Documentaries, Drama, Animation, Variety Show, Sport (Sumo, Japanese Baseball etc). You can watch NHK News* and other NHK World TV programmes for free, however for viewing other programmes, you need to subscribe JSTV.

* NHK World TV (International TV Broadcasting) broadcast NHK News and information programmes through JSTV in Europe and other neighbouring countries. These programmes are not scrambled.

For subscribing, please follow the guidance below.
For business purpose, please go to our Business page.

CURRENCY Monthly Subscription Fee
Euro € 50
UK Pound £ 30
The payment depends on where you live.

UK: Credit card or Cheque
Payment by credit cards will be deducted in sterling pounds.

Other countries: Credit card only
*Payments will be deducted in euro.

**Credit card**

Subscription for the first month is free after you get the viewing card until the end of the calendar month.

The subscription fee will be prepaid quarterly.
January - March / April - June / July - September / October - December

* The subscription fee paid by credit card will be prepaid every month from July 2018.

* In the case of payment by cheque (only available in the UK), it is prepayment every 6 months, twice a year in April - September, October - March.

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