What is JSTV+1?
JSTV +1 is a value package that allows you to enjoy JSTV via satellite and internet (1 stream) at the same time.
Alongside your home TV, you can watch JSTV on your PC, iPad and iPhone anywhere in your home or on the go.
Whether youfre a new or existing customer, you can sign up for the JSTV + 1 package.

* Depending on the device, manufacturer and operating version, you may not be able to view JSTV-i.
* For the list of the countries where JSTV-i is available, please click here.

How to View JSTV+1
1. Before You Register

Before you begin, please make sure that you can install a satellite dish in your house.
For more information, please click here.

If you have a data limit and you choose to receive this service, additional fees may apply depending on the subscription plan of your internet service provider. We recommend that you check with your internet service provider first.
For more information, please click here.

2. Registration
Please register your personal details by clicking the eSign Up Now (For New Customers)f button in the page below or on the left of the screen.

If nothing happens when you press the ‘Register’ button, please check the following points:
EMake sure your password contains alphabet letters and numbers
EMake sure your username and password are not the same
EYou cannot use the same email address to register multiple accounts

*If you reside in the U.K and you wish to pay by cheque, please register your details and contact JSTV Customer Service by telephone or email before you proceed to select your subscription plan.
3. Select your Subscription Plan

In eSelect Subscription Plan or Passf, click the icon eSatellite DTHf to view the satellite subscription plan. Select eSatellite On-Boardingf and proceed by clicking eGo to Cartf. Please check your cart and click eCheck Outf.
4. Register Your Payment Details

Register your credit card details by clicking the button eAdd New Payment Method and Payf. When the completion message appears, you have successfully finished registering. The subscription fee will not be charged to your credit card at this point.

Please follow the below steps to complete your subscription purchase.

About Satellite Broadcasting

5. You will be contacted by JSTV Customer Service
After completing registration, JSTV Customer Service will get in touch with you to confirm details regarding your viewing environment (Satellite dish, decoder etc.) and shipment details for the viewing card.

6. You will be sent a viewing card by JSTV.

7. Please contact JSTV Customer Service to confirm your viewing.
When you have completed installation and the viewing card has been inserted, please check your reception for JSTV1 and JSTV2.

Once you have checked, please contact JSTV Customer Service by telephone or email to confirm the success of your reception.

If we do not hear from you, the viewing card will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to view JSTV.

This confirms your satellite subscription and your first subscription fee of £30/ €50 will be charged to your registered credit card.

8. You can now enjoy viewing.

Adding an Internet Subscription
*When you have completed registration for your satellite subscription, you can always purchase an internet subscription as an add-on.

5. Check JSTV-i Service Availability in your Viewing Area
Please check the list of countries where JSTV-i is available before making your subscription purchase. JSTV-i is not available in some countries including Russia.

6. Internet Subscription Add-on
Under ‘My Products’ in the ‘My Account’ page, click ‘Upgrades’ and select ‘Internet Add-on for satellite user’. Please click ‘Go to Cart’ and complete the subscription purchase by checking your cart and click ‘Check Out’.

7. Purchase an Internet Subscription
Once you have checked your cart, proceed by clicking ‘Pay Now’. The message ‘You have successfully completed the upgrade’ will appear. The subscription fee of £15/ €15 will be charged to your registered credit card at this point and your subscription purchase will be completed.

8. Start Viewing
By clicking ‘JSTV PLAYER’ in the menu (see image), you can enjoy streaming JSTV-i.

Click to enlarge


Monthly Subscription Fee

U.K. Other Countries
Satellite £30 €50
JSTV-i (1 stream) £15 €15
Total £45* €65
*UK Residents Only

United Kingdom Other Countries
Credit/Debit card or Cheque
*Billing Currency: Pound Sterling
Credit or Debit Card Only
*Billing Currency: Euro
Accepted credit or debit cards: Visa and Mastercard

Your billing currency will be automatically selected based on the country of your registration.
UK: Pound Sterling (£) / Other Countries: Euro (€)
The monthly subscription fee is an advance payment and it will be automatically charged to your registered credit or debit card.
If you wish to pay by cheque (U.K. residents only), we accept half-yearly advanced payments covering the period from April to September and October to March.

Your billing will be shown as ‘NHK Cosmomedia Europe’ on your credit card statement.

We do not issue receipts or statements for personal accounts. However, receipts are issued for corporate accounts.
For more information on corporate subscriptions, please click here. (Japanese only)

All JSTV subscription payments are securely processed by Payment gateway provider Realex Payments UK.

Realex Payments UK is a European payment service provider.
*About Realex: Here
*Privacy Statement: Here

JSTV terms and conditions
Please read carefully JSTV Terms and Conditions before you sign up.

FAQ (Japanese)
Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions page (Japanese only).

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If you wish to cancel your JSTV +1 subscription, please fill in the JSTV cancellation form and submit it to us at least 10 working days before your scheduled payment date (credit card withdrawal date).
[JSTV Customer Service Centre]
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri@9:00-16:00(UK)^10:00-17:00(CET)  *Except for bank holidays etc
Tel : +44 (0)20 7426 7330@

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