About JSTV- i
JSTV is the only legitimate Japanese language TV service in Europe. We deliver "best of the best" Japanese shows carefully chosen from programs of NHK, Commercial Broadcasters, and Japanese films. JSTV-i is the Internet Simulating of JSTV.

With JSTV-i, all you need to watch Japanese Television is an Internet connection.
No Satellite Dish installation or Cable TV subscription is necessary any more.

Just plug the STB via HDMI cable, you can enjoy JSTV-i on your existing TV set. We provide the STB for free if you sign up for 12 months.
*STBs cannot be sold or shipped in some areas. Please contact JSTV customer service for your questions about STBs.

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You can enjoy 2 streams of JSTV at a time with Set Top Box connected to your TV, PC, Mac or iOS devices (iPad, iPhone).

1. Before you subscribe
You need to have at least 3Mbps constant throughput on your Internet connection.

Even if the speed checker site shows you that you have above 3Mbps average connection speed, it may drop way below 3Mbps when there is network congestion, due to the nature of the Internet. Please be warned that depending on your network performance, you could end up having viewing problems occasionally.

If you are using wireless connection (WiFi) to your streaming devices, especially to the STB, you may experience disruptions caused by the interference of the WiFi spectrum. We recommend to use wired connection (Ethernet) via LAN cable in order to avoid this interferance. (Not applicable to iOS devices.)

If you have difficulties to connect your streaming devices from the router via LAN cable due to the router location, we recommend to use Power Line Communication, or PLC. You can buy PLC adapters in the major consumer electronics stores. For details, please take a look at our FAQ page.

The Internet is not a managed network. It is so called gBest Efforth network. The performance of your network could fluctuate from time to time. Therefore, we strongly urge you to test if your network performance is good enough to watch JSTV-i constantly by using Free trial ID (Except Year-end).

For the Recommended Environment to play JSTV-i, please Click here (Japanese only).
For the list of the countries where JSTV-i is available, please Click here
If your internet package has the limited data usage, you might face the excess data charge from your Internet Service Provider. We kindly recommend you to check about the data usage pricing model of your internet provider beforehand.

2.Sign up
For subscribing JSTV-i, please click on the 'Sign Up Now!' button at the bottom of the page, complete the application form and send it to us.

We will call you for registering your credit card detail after we receive your application form.

You will be able to start viewing after completing the payment of subscription fee and we will send you a confirmation email to your registered email address.

You need to enter your username and password when you sign in to JSTV-i next time. Please do not forget your username and password. But if you forget the password, please fill in Password reset request form to change your password and send it to us.


Monthly subscription fee
30 (UK resident only) / € 50
Available credit cards: VISA, MASTER

The subscription fee will be charged to your credit card immediately after we received your credit card detail. Please note that we only accept your credit card information by telephone.

Monthly payment will be withdrawn automatically from your registered credit card.

Your billing date is on the same date as registered date. For example, if you join on 26th July, your billing date will be 26th of every month. If there is no applicable date by month, the last day of the month will be your billing date.

We do not issue receipt or statement. Please check your payment with your credit card statement as "NHK Cosmomedia Europe" is shown on your credit card statement.

The payment of charge for viewing is made through Realex Payments UK.

Realex Payments UK is a European payment service provider.
*About Realex: Here
*Privacy Statement: Here

Welcome to JSTV-i
Now you can enjoy JSTV-i on your PC, Mac or iOS devices (iPad, iPhone).

Want to watch JSTV-i on TV?
Just plug the STB via HDMI cable, you can enjoy JSTV-i on your existing TV set. We provide the STB (Set Top Box) for free if you sign up for 12 months.
*STBs cannot be sold or shipped in some areas. Please contact JSTV customer service for your questions about STBs.

WiFi connection can be easily disrupted by the spectrum interference and become unstable. Although the STB supports WiFi connection, WiFi is not suitable for constant JSTV-i reception. Instead, we strongly recommend to use wired connection via Ethernet (LAN) cable.

Although the STB has USB port, you cannot use USB mobile Internet dongle connected to this port directly.

AMINO User Manual (English)yPDFz

Please read carefully JSTV-i's terms and conditions carefully before you sign up.

If you wish to cancel your JSTV-i subscription, please fill in JSTV cancellation form and submit to us 10 working days before the payment date (credit card withdrawal date).

*As indicated in the JSTV Terms & Conditions, the minimum term of Internet Simulcast subscription is 1 month, while that would be 12 months if you had benefit from free STB scheme.If you have submitted this cancellation form before those minimum term had elapsed, please be advised that we cannot accept cancellation.

[ For 12 months subscriber (with Free STB) ]
The subscribers do not have to return the free STB after 12 months subscription.

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