About JSTV- i
JSTV-i is the internet broadcasting service of JSTV - bringing you simulcast news, the latest dramas and a wide selection of entertainment and childrensf programmes. You can now watch Japanese television on the go or anywhere inside your home. Now, a satellite reception is no longer necessary as you can simply view JSTV with an internet connection.

With JSTV-i, no satellite dish or cable TV subscription is necessary.
All you need is an internet connection to watch Japanese Television.
Watch JSTV anytime anywhere!

(*1) To view JSTV-i on TV, an additional device is required to connect to the internet.
(*2) Depending on the device, manufacturer and operating version, you may not be able to view JSTV-i.

With a monthly or yearly JSTV-i plan, you can enjoy streaming simultaneously on two devices.
JSTV-i is available to stream across a maximum of two devices - such as your TV, PC, iPhone, iPad, as well as selected Android phones and tablets.
Whether it be in your living room and hotel, your living room and study room, you can enjoy JSTV anywhere, anytime.

For the list of countries where JSTV-i is available, please click here.
JSTV-i is not available to stream in some countries including Russia. Please make sure to check the availability of the service in your country before registering.

Subscription Plans

12-month Plan

20% OFF
the first 12 months
(£24 / €40 per month) *
You could save 20% off your monthly subscription fee with a 12-month plan!
* This special rate only applies to the first 12 months of your subscription.

  • With this yearly plan, you can get 20% off your monthly subscription fee for the first 12 months (£24 / €40 per month).
  • Your subscription will be automatically renewed and the standard price (£30 / €50 per month) will apply from the 13th month onwards.
  • The minimum contract period is 12 months. During this period, you are not eligible to cancel your subscription.
  • You can stream simultaneously on two devices.
  • This special offer only applies once per household.
  • If we find reasons to believe that any of the agreed terms and conditions have been broken by the customer (e.g. you have received this offer more than once), we will contact you to make amends to your subscription pricing.
(£30 / €50 per month)
With a flexible monthly plan, you can join whenever you want to see your favourite show!

  • The minimum contract period is one month.
  • You can stream simultaneously on two devices.

Viewing Pass
7 Day Pass
i£10 / €15j

This viewing pass is hassle-free and ideal for those who want to try out JSTV for the first time.

  • Streaming is limited to one device.
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) will be used as the standard time for the viewing period. This also applies during Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the U.K.
  • The day of your purchase will be free of charge. Your viewing period will begin counting from midnight 00:00 (GMT).
  • Example: If you purchase a 7-day pass on the 10th at 16:00 (GMT), you can begin viewing immediately, however, the count date will start from the 11th. Your viewing period will end on the 17th at midnight 23:59 (GMT).
  • You can start viewing immediately after purchase. (Please note that you will not receive a confirmation email)
  • You can register your personal details first before purchasing a viewing pass. Please make your purchase on the day you wish to start viewing as you cannot arrange the start date.
  • If you already have a JSTV account, using the same ID (username and password) to make your purchase each time allows for ease of viewing.
  • You are not required to fill out and send a cancellation form.
14 Day Pass
i£18 / €28j

* We do not offer refunds so please be careful when making your purchase.
* If you have an existing satellite subscription, you will still need an additional subscription for JSTV-i.
* For corporate enquiries, please click here (Japanese only).

Subscription Prices

12-month Plan Monthly £24 / €40

*This rate only applies to the first 12 months of your subscription.
After 12 months, the standard rate will apply (£30 / €50).
Monthly Plan Monthly £30 / €50
7 Day Pass £10 / €15
14 Day Pass £18 / €28
* Your billing currency will be automatically selected based on the country of your registration.
U.K. and Japan: Pound Sterling (£) / Other Countries: Euro (€)

How to View JSTV-i
1. Check your internet speed and viewing device

Connection Speed
Recommended Internet Connection of 3Mbps at a constant rate

1) Even if your internet speed displays an average connection speed of over 3 Mbps, it may drop due to network congestion. Please be warned that viewing problems may occur depending on your network performance.

2) If you are using a wireless connection, external interference may cause the connection to become unstable. If you are using the Set-top box provided by us, we recommend a wired ethernet connection using a LAN cable to ensure a stable performance. If you still wish to connect using a wireless network due to circumstances (Ex. the Wi-Fi router cannot be set up near the TV etc.), a Wi-Fi extender with Ethernet port is required to connect to the STB. For more information, please scroll down to the eHow To Watch JSTV-i on TVf section or see the Frequently Asked Questions page (Japanese only).

3) If you have a data limit and you choose to receive this service, additional fees may apply depending on the subscription plan of your internet service provider. We recommend that you check with your internet service provider first.
Viewing Devices
Partial Android OS smartphone and tablet devices (New)
@ *Depending on the device, manufacturer and operating version, you may not be able to view JSTV-i.
@Verified Android Tablets
@@ E Google Nexus 7 (Android version 5.1.1) (Android version 6.0.1)
@@ E Amazon Fire HD tablet (Available via Silk Browser)

Amazon Fire HD tablet (New) (Access from Silk Browser)
Amazon Fire TV Stick (New) (Access from Silk Browser)

Apple TV (New) (Viewing available via AirPlay on iOS devices)
Chromecast (New) (Viewing available via Google Chrome Browser on PC/Mac)
iPhone / iPad (A software version of iOS10 and above is required)
PC / Mac (Adobe Flash Player is no longer required)@
Recommended Browsers: Google ChromeAMozilla FirefoxASafari
iMicrosoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not compatiblej

You can check your web browser version and the OS version of your device via UserAgentString.com
2. Registration
Please register your personal details by clicking the eSign Up Now (For New Customers)f button in the page below or on the left of the screen.

If nothing happens when you press the ‘Register’ button, please check the following points:
EMake sure your password contains alphabet letters and numbers
EMake sure your username and password are not the same
EYou cannot use the same email address to register multiple accounts
3. Select your Subscription Plan

In eSelect Subscription Plan or Passf, click the icon eJSTV-if to view the internet streaming subscription plans. Select from either e12 Months Subscriptionf or eMonthly Subscriptionf and proceed by clicking eGo to Cartf. Please check your cart and click eCheck Outf.

4. Register Your Payment Details

Please register your credit card details by clicking eAdd New Payment Method and Payf and proceed by clicking ePay Nowf. The message eYou have successfully added a subscription (or a pass). You will receive a confirmation email from us soon.f will appear. The subscription fee of £30/€50 will be debited to your registered credit card and this confirms your subscription purchase.

*A confirmation email will not be sent out to you if you have purchased a viewing pass. Please enjoy viewing JSTV immediately after you have made your purchase.

5. Start Viewing

By clicking eJSTV PLAYERf in the menu (see image), you can enjoy streaming JSTV-i.

Click to enlarge

Payment Method

United Kingdom / Japan Other Countries
Credit or Debit Card Only
*Billing Currency: Pound Sterling
Credit or Debit Card Only
*Billing Currency: Euro
Accepted credit or debit cards: Visa and Mastercard

12-month Plan / Monthly Plan
  • The monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged in advance to your registered credit or debit card.
  • Your monthly billing date will be the same as the date you subscribed.

  • Example: If you subscribed on July 26th, your monthly billing date will be the 26th of every month. If there is no applicable date depending on the month, the last day of the month will be your billing date.
Viewing Pass (7 Day / 14 Day)
  • Your registered credit or debit card will be charged immediately after purchase.

Your billing will be shown as eNHK Cosmomedia Europef on your credit card statement.

We do not issue receipts or statements for personal accounts. However, receipts are issued for corporate accounts.
For more information on corporate subscriptions, please click here. (Japanese only)

All JSTV-i subscription payments are securely processed by Payment gateway provider Realex Payments UK.

Realex Payments UK is a European payment service provider.
*About Realex: Here
*Privacy Statement: Here

Welcome to JSTV- i
Now you can enjoy watching JSTV-i on your TV screen with the following ways.
How To Watch JSTV- i on TV
1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

By logging into the dedicated JSTV-i Player from the Silk browser using your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can watch JSTV on your TV screen.

How to set-up your Amazon Fire Stick
How to view JSTV via Amazon Fire Stick

2. Screen Mirroring

By mirroring your smartphone or computer display to TV using Apple TV or Google Chromecast, you can watch JSTV on your TV screen.

3. PC / Tablet / Smartphone

By connecting your viewing device and TV screen with an HDMI cable, you can watch JSTV on your TV screen. Connection methods may vary so please follow the instruction manual accompanying your device. For information on how to connect your iOS to TV, please click here. (Japanese only)

4. Smart TV

By logging into the JSTV usersf site from the built-in browser in some Smart TVs, you can watch JSTV on your TV screen. Due to the large number of models available on the market, we are not able to test all devices for compatibility. Please check it yourself by logging into the JSTV usersf site from your Smart TV.

5. Amino STB (No longer available)

If you have an Amino STB (Set-top Box), you can connect the device to your TV screen to watch JSTV.

AMINO User ManualiJapanesej@
AMINO User ManualiEnglish)@

*JSTVfs exclusive Amino STB (Set-top Box) is no longer available for purchase as of October 2019.

JSTV terms and conditions
Please read carefully JSTV Terms and Conditions before you sign up.

FAQ (Japanese)
Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions page (Japanese only).

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If you wish to cancel your JSTV-i subscription, please fill in the JSTV Cancellation Form and submit it to us at least 10 working days before your scheduled payment date (credit card withdrawal date).

Subscribers who wish to recycle their free STB after their 12-month subscription may return it to JSTV.

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